Get your own power station at home... with Mr Solar Upgrade.

Energy is a precious resource - not something to be wasted! And a home energy storage via retrofit from Mr Solar Upgrade is the way to take control and DECIMATE THOSE BILLS.

With our help, you can upgrade any renewable system, turning the inverter to a new 'Hybrid' unit with added battery storage. It's like having your own power station at home...

The smarter way to store, manage and track the energy you generate.

Energy storage technology allows you to store any energy you generate to be used later - or store energy you've bought from the grid at cheaper 'off-peak' times, i.e. at night. This goes towards charging your battery at a cheaper rate, meaning it can set to work during the day. It means your energy system is 'working for you' and driving down bills, all day every day.

We're retro-fitting Scotland's homes with battery power!

Ask us about a solar upgrade today

Mr Solar Upgrade has the know-how and experience to retro-fit your home.

Got an older solar power system? Is it reaching or beyond its warranty date? Time to give it an upgrade with a retro-fit from us.

From advice, to the kit, to the installation, Mr Solar Upgrade has what it takes to make it happen - and help you decimate those bills for good.

Proud to be retrofitting homes across the Highlands and Islands.

Working with trusted local suppliers, we cover the ground in northern Scotland, including: -

Alness, Aviemore, Beauly, Caithness, Dingwall, Dornoch, Elgin, Fort William, Gairloch, Golspie, Invergordon, Inverness, Muir of Ord, Skye, Tain, Thurso, Wick... and beyond!

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Future-proof your solar system.
Make the most of your clean, green renewable energy.

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Store, track and manage your renewable energy generation & use online

Make the most of the cleaner, greener energy your system generates

Add storage without affecting any Feed-In Tariff (F.I.T) payments you receive

You could reduce your electricity costs by as much as up to 60%!