The Cold Truth

Energy bills are sky-high. And even with government help, they're going to get more expensive.

But that's where Mr Solar Upgrade can make a difference, via home energy battery storage: the smartest way to future-proof your renewable energy system for tough times ahead and DECIMATE BILLS. Mr Solar Upgrade is ready to help you take advantage...

Scotland's best just got even better - introducing Mr Solar Upgrade.

Mr Solar Upgrade is part of The Energy Saving Store - Scotland's Green Champion for over a decade. But we never rest on our laurels. Now, we offer you a complete solar upgrade by retro-fitting home battery storage power; the Hybrid inverter that helps you store energy you generate via your renewable system to be used as and when you need... to cut bills.

Some of Our Recent Installations

Make the most of your clean, green renewable energy: use battery power

Home energy storage using battery power is perfect for anyone with renewable energy: -

Link your home renewable energy resource to your home battery storage

Take control of – and store – any extra renewable power you generate

Use that power at times of peak demand – or even sell back to the Grid

Store power to reduce your fuel bills and your carbon emissions too

MAXIMISE your home energy power and MINIMISE your energy bills

The expert team at Mr Solar Upgrade is ready to help you with battery storage.

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